The idea of ​​the development of agricultural science in Yakutia first appeared in the middle of the XIX century, when several attempts were made to create agricultural support stations. The first germ of a scientific research institution on the vast territory of Yakutia was the bacteriological laboratory established in Yakutsk in 1908, but only the Yakutsk expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences, organized in 1925. on the initiative of the Yakut government, scientifically substantiated the ways and prospects for the development of agriculture in Yakutia. At the suggestion of its members, in 1926, The Veterinary and Bacteriological Institute was organized, and then in 1927. The Central Agricultural Experimental Station was created, which was headed by Georgy Andreevich Balabayev.

June 1, 1928 The Resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic “On the organization of an agricultural experimental station” was issued, Balabayevym goals and tasks of the pilot case were approved, and indicated that all organizational activities and areas of work of the Yakutsk station must comply with the characteristics of local economy.

This decree played an important role in the development of the agricultural science of the republic. First, the SNK of the Yakut ASSR acknowledged that it is necessary to develop an experimental business so that the achievements of science are timely introduced into peasant farms; Secondly, special attention was paid to the education of young people in the agricultural educational institutions of the center; Thirdly, it was decided to initiate a petition to the NSC of the RSFSR to include the Yakut central agricultural station in the general network of experimental institutions of the RSFSR, and also to recognize the necessary for the station to establish a permanent direct connection with the Institute of Experienced Agronomy and the All-Union Institute of Applied Botany.

October 2, 1930 meeting of the Small Presidium of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Lenin, having considered the petition of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Yakut ASSR, agreed to include in its system the Yakut Central Agricultural Experimental Station, inviting the Siberian Institute of Grain Economy and the Siberian Dairy Institute to include it in the network of its institutions.

In 1933 a network of research institutions of the Far North at 20 locations was approved by the Resolution of the Board of the People’s Commissariat of the RSFSR, of which five were located in the territory of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic: the Bulun and Nizhnekolymsky reindeer-breeding strongholds, the Srednekolymsky agricultural stronghold, the Yakut and Aldan agricultural complex zonal stations. In the year 1934. The Veterinary-Bacteriological Institute was reorganized. The research department was transferred to the Regional Integrated Agricultural Experimental Station, and on the basis of the production unit the Yakutsk Regional Bacteriological Laboratory was organized. In 1937 The Yakut regional bacteriological laboratory has been renamed into the Republican Veterinary Experimental Station. In 1939, the Yakut state breeding station was organized on the basis of the Pokrovskaya Agricultural Experimental Station and the Yakut livestock experimental station on the basis of the Narkomzem Nemkomeme Nursery of the Yakut Soviet Socialist Republic.

In the fall of 1948, at the meeting of the Academic Council of the Yakutsk Scientific Research Base of the USSR Academy of Sciences, dedicated to the discussion of the results of the August session of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1948), the candidate of agricultural sciences, S.N. Popov proposed the creation of a scientific research institute of agriculture in place of existing small scientific institutions.

The creation of the Yakut Scientific and Research Institute of Agriculture was carried out only when the Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR “On Measures to Improve the Work of Research Institutions for Agriculture” was issued, on the basis of which, on March 30, 1956, the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic ” Research Institute of Agriculture “on the basis of the Yakutsk State Selection Station, the Yakut Republican Experimental Station for Animal Husbandry, the Livestock Department of the Yakutsk Branch of Ak Academy for Sciences of the USSR. The Institute was subordinated to the Bulun Experimental Station, the Tiksi Agricultural Experimental Station, the Aldan and Olekminsky strong points.

In 1957 The Yakut veterinary experimental station has teamed up with the Yakutsk NIISH.

Since 1979, the Yakut Research Institute of Agriculture entered the system of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and on November 14, 2006, it became the responsibility of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The directors of the Yakutsk Scientific Research Institute worked as GP. Korotov (1956-1958 gg.), V.N. Antipin (1958-1959 gg.), I.P. Avdeev (1959-1960 gg.), M.G. Safronov (1960-1988 gg.), I.A. Matveyev (1988-1997 gg.), E.A. Borisov (1997-2002), A.I. Stepanov (2002-2007), M.P. Neustroev (from 2007-2012), A.I. Stepanov (from 2012 to the present).