Products and services

– seeds of grain crops: spring soft wheat “Prilenskaya 19”, “Tuymaada”, oats “Pokrovsky”, barley “Tammi”;

– seeds of perennial grasses: psathyrostachys juncea “Manchaary”, “Bootur” red fescue “Myuryunskaya” alfalfa “Yakut yellow” clover white “Nemyugyunskaya” brome “Erkeeni” elymus Siberian “Amga” seeds Vicki sowing of spring ” Lenskaya 15 “;

– saplings of black currant “Yakutsk”, “Hara kytalyk”, “Muryuchene”, “Erkeani”, “In memory of Kyndyl”;

– seedlings of strawberries, raspberries and honeysuckle;

– Seed potatoes of regionalized varieties in Yakutia “Yakutianka” and “Severny”;

– strain of bacteria Bacillus subtilis, used for disinfection of bird droppings and manure from pathogenic microorganisms;

– vaccine against salmonella abortion of horses;

– probiotic “Sahabaktisubtil” for treatment and prophylaxis of gastrointestinal diseases of young animals of farm animals;

– development of TU and TI for food products (obtaining a patent);

– feasibility studies of individual projects;

– drawing up business plans;

– Development of socio-economic programs for the development of rural areas.